In Game parenting problem

New, problem:

I have armatures that are a child of a cube, as the bounding box, the armatures are the parent of a mesh.

Here’s the problem. When I rotate the cube on the Z axis (in the game engine) the armatures rotate, which rotate the cube, but get’s displaced, and the armatures rotate around the cube like an oval.

Any ideas?

Bump for the video that shows the problem so you’ll understand:

You might want to post a blend so we can see the problem better.

Armature is parented to the cube right?

Check the parenting, unparent the armature from the cube with Alt+P, then reparent. This time, select the object option.

The armature is child of the cube…

I didn’t figure out the problem, but I added a plane, extruded to be a cube and it worked normal 0.o.

That’s it then… Bye!

i had same problem and asked to clark ( . His answer:

To fix your problem, set the scale on the character and armature and collision box to 1.0

Select character. Object mode.
Ctrl + A key >> Scale to ObData

Repeat for armature and collision box.

In the game engine, unless there is a reason, the scale should always be 1.0.