In game Replay system

i would like to implement a replay system like that in gta or nfs for my WIP racing game.:spin:
so can you help me on this?

You can set blender to record game physics to ipo and set the car to play the ipo when you press replay. You would have to change the frame limit though and the max frames is 3000000.

It will work but if it is a long race more than 3000000 frames the replay will stop at 3000000 frames, but i doubt any race will be that long.

This isn’t an easy task.

As the user plays the game, you will want to record position, velocity, and orientation of the game objects at regular time intervals, as well as any other attributes of your game that you would want to reproduce in a replay.

Then you will need to program a replay mode that uses those values to recreate the actions of the game at the appropriate time intervals.

It would require python and a decent understanding of string and list manipulations.

Good luck!