in game shadows

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure how to get real time shadows to work in the game engine (i’m using GLSL mode)

I’ve tried buffer shadows and looked at the materials but it doesn’t seem to help.

Could somebody please tell me step by step with a simple example how they would get a shadow from a cube to project onto a plane without baking it? (obviously i’ll need it for something a LOT more complex but I never knew how to do it in principle and I could take it from there)

I say without baking it because I want my character to cast shadows when moving.


Use a spot lamp with “Buf.Shadow” ticked in GLSL mode, and make sure you are in “Textured”, (Alt-Z), mode too!

Thank you!
so it’s spot lamps only, thought I was going wrong somewhere :slight_smile:

btw, LMAO!!! at your signature, so true XD

i cant believe how simple that was considering the amount of tinkering i did trying to achieve that thanks yall

can you tell me how can you make your textures show up in glsl mode?

Set the textures on the Textures tab of the material. Add the texture, and set the mapping to UV to make it match the UV map.

thank you that worked!