In game shape keys

Hello, im new to the forums so forgive me if this question has already been answered.

I am looking for a way to manipulate a characters mesh based on key presses in the game (players arm morphs into various weapons that the player can select).

i was looking for a method that avoids using tons of bones or replacing meshes, and so turned to key shapes. im aware that blender 2.47 does not support key shapes in the game engine, but the apricot build does.

after hours of playing around and google searches ive come up with nothing, no tutorials and my own experiments have all failed bringing me no closer.

could someone please shed some light on the shape action actuator in the apricot build and using key shapes in the game engine.

thank you

thought i’d mention that no real development has begun on this (just a simple project to try a concept), so no work to share or show. i like to plan everything out, test it in a small scale environment first. and my planning has shown mesh manipulation in game to be the biggest problem - everything else im confident in.

just being dumb, figured it.

by the way, shapekeys are supported in 2.47

ah, cool, thanks. tho i do feel even dumber.

They are? I never new they incorporated that.

cool vid, looking forward to getting key shapes into the game engine, building a character mesh for it now. funny that its been available in BGE earlier but no tuts on it, or mentions. and the apricot update read like it was something new to their build. odd.