In-game skydome parenting question...

Okay, I’m an experienced Blender user, and have a workable (if…young) knowledge of Python. I’m making an action/adventure game (my first full scale game) but there is one very annoying thing I can’t seem to get right:

I need my skydome’s center to track my in-game camera’s locations, without inheriting the camera’s rotations (so that the walls of the skydome are always the same distance from the camera, but don’t rotate with the with it like direct parenting would cause).

Should this be done with parenting and python? (if so, I haven’t been able to script anything that works yet). Or is there some other method?


place the 3D cursor at the center/axis of the skydome.
In “Edit mode”, place a “vertex” in the center ( ex: extrude a vertex to somewhere, then do “Shift-S” and choose “selection to cursor” in the “Snap” menu- delete that extra edge, if any).
Then, with the vertex still selected, press “Ctrl” key and select the camera too with RMB and do “Ctrl-P” to “vertex parent”.
It should work now…I hope?!

Hmmm…Thanks OTO, but for some reason that’s not working. I’m not sure why.

OTO, I think you made it backwards, so the skydome is the parent.

Add a cube centered on the camera, make the camera its parent. Go in edit mode, scale the cube to 0, and remove doubles (you should have one vertex at the camera’s location).
Now, still in edit mode, ctrl-select the skydome and hit ctrl-p to vertex parent. If all goes well, that should do it.

Perfect, works great! Thanks to both of you.

Thank you Captain…me very tired I guess…or just dumb?! :wink: