In-Game Text field

anyone know how to put a text field in-game? I was trying to come up with alternative methods but their really in-depth. I was just wondering if there is one already made.

what is a text feild…?

Take a look at this thread. Forum search function FTW :stuck_out_tongue:
daBlendaNewbie!: It’s an area on the screen where you can type text, for example the place where you type replies on this forum.

oh… and you mean like in game…? i would like to know that!

EDIT: nevermind, i figured it out following your link

I like making examples so I made a textfield example, hope it helps.

Thank you all1!!! Very much appreciated.

Lol, a redirection to one of my threads. Later, Blendenzo did a tut on this. Here it is…