In-game timer/coutndown


I’m trying to make the timer countdown from 10:00 to 0:00. I have got some Python script for the timer that shows up in-game, I have also done the UV text mapping thing.

The text is stuck at 9:59, even though it is connected to the timer, its like its not looping or something. Here is the blend file as I think I’m failing in trying to explain myself:

Hello my friend.

I made a simple only logic brick example. You can transfer it to Python if you want. That would be quite easy as well.

Hope it helps!

Hi there,

Thanks for your blend but I need to display the timer so it shows up during game-play like a count down, preferably with Python. Do you know a way of displaying the text in 0:00 format? I followed this tutorial but for some reason the text wont change for me:

Thanks for your help

Oh! Sorry about that. I miss read your problem.

You need string formatting.

It would basically look like this:

time = "%.2i : %.2i"%(minutes, seconds)

Read the link I gave you for more info.

%.2i means that you will get a string with a length of two in an integer form.

Hope it helps.

Hi again!

Okay, I was just about to post my blend file which still was not working but then I played around a bit more and now it works!

The problem was that I did not have it on PULSE MODE. I’m such a n00b.

Thanks a lot for your help, again!