in heaven or hell there is a Blender?

Maybe I will go to heaven, but maybe to hell. :frowning:
But I think, every place I need a Blender.

As long as I get one buried with me, I’ll be a very hayy guy. :smiley:


The police are British
The cooks are French
The engineers are German
The administrators are Swiss
The lovers are Italian
The police are German
The cooks are British
The engineers are Italian
The administrators are French
The lovers are Swiss

In Hell you get blender on a 486 with a 13" monitor and software openGL…

slikdigit: yes, I think, will better in heaven… :slight_smile:

And you must run Blender on Windows XP (yeah on a 486) when being a Linux guru.
(and the other way around)

/me isn’t even going to try imagine how slow that would be (and how many stop/blue screens / reboots there would be… create vertex -> reboot -> create face -> reboot -> enable subdiv -> reboot <- now that’s hell)

that wouldn’t be slow… that wouldn’t run! :stuck_out_tongue:

besides, hell with Blender doesn’t fit… Blender is just too good for it %|

  • Bentagon

I forgot to mention you only get an EGA graphics adaptor. 16 colors at 640 by 480…
I think in Heaven you must get a CAVE system or something that hasn’t been invented yet…

16 colors is way to good for hell, 4 colors @ 320 x 200 would be much worse… the only thing you can see in Blender at that resolution is the Render button :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends… if Microsoft is using a lot of MMX or SSE code it wouldn’t run indeed.
But if there’s enough fallbacks to ordinairy x86 code it should run :slight_smile:

Booting the system would probably take at least 2 days though.
(and once it’s booted you’d probably have to wait 2 hours after each executed action (caused by HD trashing))

Bet you get only blender -1.4 (or lower). Without subsurv, the nice new GUI and the undo option! But, of course, thats why it is called “HELL”.

But in heaven you get Blender 3.0.

arrr yes

but you forget one very important fact.

in hell you are there for eternity so how cares :wink: it could take 1 month per faece and you would still get plenty done in your afterlife :slight_smile:


All of the above and a 2-button mouse.

Don’t forget one with a fudged up ball inside so you can’t coordinate the motions.

Don’t forget one with a fudged up ball inside so you can’t coordinate the motions.

I knew I was saving that mouse for something- I guess I know where I’m going now.

“Will they have … Mogen David … in heaven?
Dear Lord, we’d all like to know
Will they have … Mogen David … in heaven … Sweet Jesus!
If they don’t, who the hell wants to go?”
– Larry Gatlin