In honour of the NHL returning...

…and of course, the Leafs winning for the first time this season… This is the bigger version.

In case you want to know, team 1 contains Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Pink, and team 2 is Black, White, Purple, and the two Blues.



Man you just pump out those yoshi

that is awesome.

I’d like to see that in an animation! :smiley: Great work!!!

There’s a lot of things wrong with those models, most of them are fairly obvious.

First off: Way too “metallic” lookin’.

Second: You may wanna find some reference pics.

Can’t really see what you’re talking about…do you mean there’s too much/too defined specularity?

These Yoshi models are modelled after my Yoshi drawings, which are easier to convert into 3D then reference pics. Plus, it adds my own style to the render. My next-generation Yoshi model will look more Nintendo-ish, but it’s nowhere near completion.

why not just come up with your own creature and use it over and over in stead of Yoshi? Would be a lot cooler, and, you might not get as many “fix the model” and “did you use referrences” comments when you use them over and over. Just a thought. Not a big fan of your Yoshi’s myself, but your creative in your usage of them. :slight_smile: