In Indianapolis? Need work?

Hey guys. I am curious if there are any blender users in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. If so, are you interested in doing any contract work? I am considering bringing in some more help for my small business Render Reality. You can check out the website here to see what we do.

Just respond to the thread if you’re interested and perhaps share some of your work…


I’m in Indianapolis (well, about 100 feet outside of it, as I type; my office is at 10th and Raceway on the west side). I’m a pretty new Blender user (about a month or two now) but I’ve been using various 3D apps for about ten years or so. I’ve got a full time (sometimes full time and a half, I’m sure you know how it is) gig as a software developer. I could probably contribute small scale projects or project elements, weekends and evenings, that sort of thing.

CGI is a hobby with me, and most of my work to date has been making funny and cute images for my own amusement. I’ve got a gallery at Renderosity (under the user name jevans69) showing some stuff I’ve done over the past couple of years.

Aside from Blender, I do most of my CG work with Wings 3D, POV-Ray, Poser, Paint Shop, and VideoMach. I’ve played around with a handful of other products, but those are the main ones that I use.