In need of a little help on how to do some shapes


Just registered and my first post’s a plea for help (Isnt it always the way)

I’m just starting out with blender and I am aware my choice for my first(well 4th really the others were just basic shapes) model is difficult and that’s where im hopeing you guy’s will step in. :slight_smile:

I’ve chosen a Space Marine which someone out there will be familiar with i’m sure.

I’m just trying to get the basic shapes first and this is what I have.

I’m happy with the shape of the leg’s so far but im a bit daunted by some of the next bit’s. The shoulders and the armour on the elbow are my main concerns, how would I go about getting the shapes involved?

Another view of a SM

Many thanks in advance!

Are you planning to make him all out of a single object/mesh or as parts? In either case you seem to have enough control over the mesh to handle it, just take each part at a time and don’t get worries about the overall, but don’t forget it either.

The sholder looks fairly simple, you could take a plane or a tube and start extruding and bending into shape, or take a uvsphere and then exend down the flat parts. Just really depends on where your starting from. Just keep playing with it and I’m sure you’ll get it. And if your worries about messing up, just make a backup of your file before you start so you can backtrack if necessary, or duplicate your mesh and move it to another layer.

A 40K fan! Finally, I have found one! (And you beat me to making a SM in blender… grr)
Well (grabs a nearby SM), it is looking good so far, perhaps add more lights so we can see more of the model. Also, on the models, it seems to me that the kneepads are more circular than egg-shaped. The legs have holes at the top, this might need changing. Have you got any more views of it, just to see how it looks on the other sides?