In need of a little help to install python script

(Peter) #1

Hi guy’s,

This one is trivial but i would really like to be able to get rid of round corners in the UI and i found a patch a guy made to source code to disable it but i am having difficulty getting it to work.

I did my share of Googling on how to do this but it seriously lead to even more confusion.

Here the link :

What i did was hitting the Download raw Diff button and copy paste the code then i open notepad++ and save it as .py then i went in addons and use install addons from file and nothing show up in the addons menu so maybe it is simply because i am missing something or the script is not compatible with 2.79?

(Peter) #2

Sorry i just realize that there was a python support section so if a mod can be cool enough to move it over there it would be great!

Thank in advance

(Daedalus_MDW) #3

this is source code. so unless you want learn compiling, then leave well enough alone. if you use windows, then seriously, get out while youre still sane… :scream:

(Peter) #4

OK i see but i thought there was a way to use the various .py in the page as addons.

(Daedalus_MDW) #5

there is some .py ui scripts that dont need compiling. the top file is one of those. the code change adds a button, but unless you recompile with the other changes, the button wont work.

(Peter) #6

OK at least now i know a little more about the developer Blender file structure so thank for the information.

The guy also mention it was a patch and i found a few treads and a video about patching Blender so i am not sure if they were referring to the same procedure.