In Need of an Animator


I’m currently seeking an animator to create a few animation scene shots to help advertise a feature film screenplay I have recently completed. These still scene shots will be used on the project’s blog, facebook, youtube, and fundraising websites to get the project sold and produced. The animator will not be animating the whole film.

Pay will be discussed with each animator individually.

Must be willing to work quickly and diligently to get this project in advertising and marketing phase as soon as possible.

Traditional animation and Computer 3D animation animators will be accepted for this job. Yes, the animated creatures of the shots will be animals.

If all of this suits you, please email me at [email protected] with the following things:

  1. Resume (not necessary if you do not have one)
  2. Two example of past animation work, still or motion
  3. Type of animation you prefer to do
  4. Are you familiar with HTML code (this is a boost if you are good with it)
  5. How much you charge for still images
  6. Location around Alpharetta OR ability to use skype/phone often
  7. If ‘yes’ to number 3, please email me a link to some of your website work in the past.

Thank you again!
Chad Zemel
[email protected]

ok, you want to see our work, but where is yours? There are modeller / animators here that are as good as they come. If you want to catch their interest, either you need to impress them with your idea, or give some idea as to what kind of $$$ we are talking about. The last time I got involved in one of these projects, I was lied to, lead on, and ripped off. So give us a sense of what you are doing, and how serious you are.

I only find this on the Blender form

when somebody offers a job they get attitude …

if somebody makes an offer and you do not sign a contract
it is more or less your own fault.

BTW I got some pretty freelancer jobs through here.

I am looking for freelance job with Blender
I am HTML Expert
I know Php/mysq ( Linux )
I know VB6,VFP,Python
My Blender animations you can see in my Signature.

I don’t mean to come off as sounding rude, Klaas, but this guy is showing us nothing. No web site, or even a screenie. So I guess I am a bit suspicious, having been burned before.

Your suspicions are sensible, especially if based on experience. However, keep in mind that people wanting to hire someone for something typically need to hire because they do not have something to show. I have done many small projects, both as hiring and hiree, and know even more projects done by others, and it’s typically this thought that starts it: “Damn, I have no time to do this. But I have money. So why not do nothing and pay others to do stuff for me?”.

Your argument makes perfect sense. Watch the credentials, watch the payments. But hiring typically means you’re not the artist, and you need others to create what you need to show off.

I am sorry when you got burned before. My point is mainly that
this attitude is unprofessional. If it does not look serious don’t reply.

Rule of thumb is also: you do not work before a contract is signed.

And based on not much info I landed some pretty nice jobs here.

cekuhnen offers a valid point here. The legality of issues, expecially in the case of skills as your main marketable asset dictates that both parties are well aware of the risks into the transaction, and prior to the venture have a clear and consise communication process on disclaimers.

I have been into the same Modron had…

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