In need of help importing a model into sculptris

I would like a .obj of the model I have made that I can easily model in Sculptris.
I am having major problems importing it in, and I don’t know why.
Also, for some reason, there’s a render separation between the neck and the body that I can’t fix.

Link to .blend file

When I try it’s saying that it cannot import faces with more than four corners, is that what it’s doing for you? I can’t remember how to fix ngons…but hopefully somebody here will be able to. As I’m doing a fair bit of blender/sculptris connecting with the kids at work at the moment I’m going to be watching this thread

The normals are inconsistent: Some are pointing inwards, some are pointing outwards. That’s what Blender is trying to tell you with the different shades of grey of the geometry in the viewport.

Tab into Edit mode, hit A to select all and then Ctrl-N to recalculate the normals on the mesh.

Not a Sculptris user, but if andiS is right about Sculptris not being able to import n-gons, here’s how to fix:
Enter Edit mode and click Select > Select Faces by sides from the menu.

In the corresponding tool options (left-hand “T” menu) set “Number of Vertices” to 4 and the type to “Greater than”. Blender will now highlight all faces in your mesh that consist of more than four vertices (= n-gons).

You will need to edit all those polygons so that the whole mesh consists only of polygons with three or four vertices.

It’s been a while i have not used Sculptris, but i remember Sculptris has a serious limitation regarding what it can import (a limitation that Dyntopo does not have by the way) : if your mesh has a vertice that is connected to many edges (don’t remember how many is too much for Sculptris), Scultpris will not be able to import it.

By example, Sculptris will not be able to import a mesh that has something like that :

To fix you would need to modify that topology into something like this
or that
Or whatever else as long as you don’t have a single vertice shared by too many edges.