In need of more adequate steering (FPS)

Hi. I’ve imported Randall Rickert’s walkthrough template (from the main page) to make a 3d walkthrough with my radiosity-baked model of a house. When I open the file in Publisher (2.25) there are no problems, the controls are very precise.

This template cannot be used in Bullet though (camera goes crazy), and in Sumo it often cause the walking speed to slow down greatly. Does anybody have a similiar walkthrough that would work in Bullet and allow for as much control (ie. no bouncing off the walls)?

I’d also like to improve the whole thing- if it’s something easily achieved or already existing. First off, there should be collisions for the head as well as the legs (So I can’t ghost through ceilings in fly-mode). Second, the collision in fly-mode should only be active for the head (to make flying through smaller holes easy).

If you guys can help me with any of my problems, I’d be extremely grateful. Here’s the current state of the demo, saved with Publisher:

Some of my problems have been fixed, so I edited the message.