In need of someone who could create a simple model of a revolver

Im looking for someone that could create a model of a revolver. I’d appreciate anyone who could help me out, and I don’t need it to be too detailed. I don’t need a specific type of revolver, just what most look like in general.

Have you looked on the various sources for pre-made models? It seems like something that you should find incredibly easily.

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Oh, alright I’ll do that, thank you. The reason I made the post was because I couldn’t really find any.

Really? Where did you look? A 10 second search on Sketchfab reveals dozens of models ranging from $4 and up. I bet there are decent free ones too by refining the search a bit.

Ya I found some on SketchFab now, Thanks.

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There is Youtube with tutorials too.

Hello I have model of a revolver