In Node Editor Output Multiple Images At a Time


I have a scene and for example two cameras. I am trying to output multiple images in Blender at a time. I want to use two “file output” node in the node editor to do that. But it only outputs one image at a time. The other “file output” node will never work.

And how to change the name of the output images?

Is there any way to do these? Thanks!


As far as I can see from your image you are ouputting the same image to the same location with the same name. You would therefore only get one image output. You need to supply more infomation and your blend file. You say you are using two cameras, how have you set these up to output two sets of images ?

Select the image output node and press N to show its properties. There you can set the name and location of the output file. You can also use the one node to output multiple outputs.