In old 2.73 how do i center an object on the cursor

it is easy in earlier versions…
but of course a blender goal seems to be to make each version better, but also harder to find the basics
thanks fellow sufferers!

snap menu shift S

then select object to cursor

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now i need to know what snap menu is!
and where is it?

select the object then just do Shift S it will bring a menu up

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Thank you VERY much RickyBlender.

by the way why do you still work with very old version of blender 2.73 ?

you should get the latest BL 3.3 i think

have more tools and ounce you get use to it
it is easier to use and also faster

happy bl

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actually i prefer 2.69 ! but it wont work on the new computer. so 2.73 was the nearest that would work.
to center an object i go back to the ancient computer, centre the object- save it and then take it to the new computer. how should i do this in 2.73?

i have been using blender for years, so i know for certain as soon as i learn the current version, it will change yet again.
thanks for your help

PS 2.69 works in windows 10 on an old slow computer, on a newer computer the colours look vweird, so somebody on the forum said to get reshader, being dim i did not put in a restore point. now i cannot find anyone who knows how to get rid of it!

my PC is like 9 years old working on Win 10 - can’t work with Win 11
and only min Video card - no GPU

cannot use the latest CUDA features but stil work fine for me
but not doing any paid work for customers !

and i can work with latest BL 3.3.1

how come yours cannot do that ?

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exactly - why not!
it is a newish computer.
this blender version works on an old slow windows 10. but the colours are weird on the new one.
i saved a file with 3 colours.
opened it with 2.73 and the colours are there.
just not when i am using 2.69
does that make sense to anyone?

there was a lot of nodes changes so hard to compare older to newer BL version

so use the latest version

i can run bl 3.4 on Win 10

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did a small script for 2.79 or BL 3.4

try it to find the angles for selected object

import bpy
from math import degrees

scene =[0]

for ob in bpy.context.selected_objects:

	my_loc = ob.location
	my_rot = ob.rotation_euler
	my_scale = ob.scale
	print('ob name = ' ,
	print('loc = ' , my_loc, )
	print ()
	print('rot Euler X = ' , my_rot[0] ,'Rad  = ' , degrees( my_rot[0]), 'Deg' ) 
	print('rot Euler Y = ' , my_rot[1] ,'Rad  = ' , degrees( my_rot[1]), 'Deg' ) 
	print('rot Euler Z = ' , my_rot[2] ,'Rad  = ' , degrees( my_rot[2]), 'Deg' ) 
	print ()
	print('scale  = ' , my_scale)

look in console and
have fun

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it wont be happy blendering until i find out WHERE to look for your scene thingy.
i doubt most blender folks know this!

you mean the code snippet
select one object then
load in text editor and run it
then open up the console and looks at results

it will show the location -rotation - scale of each selected objects with name

or find video tut on how to run script

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i have no idea what this all means!
code snippet?
text editor?
open the console?

how to run the little script i’ v given before!
or may find video tut on how to run script

have fun
happy bl

this is annoying This topic has been solved
doubt it
anyway thanks for trying