In over my head on rigging eyes

Hi everyone,
I’m hoping that someone can help me by refining the eyes on the blend found here klymberV9.blend.

This model will be used with a Kinect and actor in my churches VBS program this month. I want to add some refinements like eye motion, but when rotating and moving around with the Kinect, the eye sockets either go transparent and you see the background or the eyes bulge out of the skull – neither are desired since a bunch of 4 to 9 year olds will hopefully be dancing with this character.

The artist that helped me get this far has been unresponsive, and I’m a programmer that knows very little about how to create anything in blender.


For anyone interested - what I ended up doing is setup a empty point as an eye target, the eye bones then have a constraint to track to that point. I set the point’s parent to my character’s body so that as the body turns, the point moves also to stay in sync with the front of the body.
This kept they eyes looking forward in relation to the body - which eliminated the eyes doing crazy things when the body wasn’t facing the camera. I then added a small python script to the point to randomly shift in a small area, letting the eyes then ‘look around’