In Progress MMORPG

Name: None yet
Setting: Medieval, Fantasy
Languages: Java
Pre-Libs: LWJGL/OpenGL

This is a MMORPG that will be in development for quite a while. We hope to go far with this game, however in the future to complete more games similar or of this RPG nature also. This development team also needs members, we have been searching for talented; graphic artist, modeler, animator.

This MMORPG will have multiple classes and races none of which that are similar to big-time current MMORPG’s. We are trying to create an actual point to join this MMORPG rather than others. This game will be fantasy with many other great features. Joining this development team will give you tons of say so in what will be added. We also are looking for a lot of members to give us intelligent ideas. However, we are not looking for immature kids. Keep in mind that we are searching and you could very easily be a part of this development team just by contacting me.

If you wish to contact me I prefer Skype(jbirdscape) over anything, but there are alternatives like MSN ([email protected]).


  • Justin C. (Programmer)
  • Brendan F. (Programmer)
  • Leif L. (Sound Artist)
  • Brandon Levine (Story Line)
  • Justin Grimm (Story Line)

We are in need of more very talented members, which have been listed in the above sections. I will not be posting any pictures because at this stage in a RPG its not really necessary. If you wish to contact please read the contact section of this topic. Thank you for reading, please consider.

Current State (Updated: 4/25/2012)

  • Multiplayer
  • Login
  • Character Selection
  • Buttons
  • Interface System
  • Threaded Work
  • Character Save
  • Server/Client Communication
  • Chat
  • Water
  • Terrain Load
  • Fullscreen
  • Model Loading
  • Textures
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Camera Rotation
  • Load Screen
  • Update Splash

There might have been some missed updates, this is a list that I listed off of my head.

your ‘current state’ was it reached using blender and python?

my skype is : iqrasoft.computers