In regards to using an empty ...

Roundabouts the ten minute mark methinks?

In the tutorial, he makes use of an empty as a datum or reference so that he can adjust the position/size of the link without having to modify the link itself. I am facing two (related?) problems.

The first is that when I add an empty, it is not of the same relative scale as the original link (which has been scaled down to 0.1 of it’s original dimensions). This in turn forces me to scale down the empty itself by a factor of 0.1. This wouldn’t be a problem if …

The second problem I face is using the path curve. I think have scaled down the empty affects the curve somehow because unlike how it is supposed to work, I have to scale the curve out a lot before I begin to see additional links. And needless to say, it ends up pointlessly inefficient and more or less a mess.

Can someone see what is going on? I have tried fiddling around on my own but have not yet arrived on a completely satisfactory solution.

Many thanks

Change the size and shape of the empty in its properties.
This does not affect the scale of the empty just its display


Fantastic, ta for the quick reply.