in search of a better build effect

Can anyone provide a link to a script that has a greater control of the build effect ? Like instead of a random build effect of mesh appearing how about a slice through, ? Like cutting through a building showing the insides of it . ?

On the second flash slide of this link is a perfect example of what I was thinking, it does not have to be in real time juust the effect needs to have some control of how to do this ,

did you though about material? geting an alpha map to remove the part you want? you can even animate it by maping the texture to an object.

Something like this :

Select a face .
Run the script .
The build effect will begin on the selected face
making “slice” around this first face .

It can be used too on the blender 2.38’s modifiers .

SWEEEEEET Jms just frik"'n SWEEEEET Thank you :smiley: