In search of designer for creating RPG/MMO models Maps/terrain/weapons/characters ECT

What i expect to createI have done allot of Research however have learnt as much as I can from google.
I’m using a game engine named ‘Evidyon’ and am trying to recreate an offline version of another game I used to play (Naturally I don’t expect them to be identical but as close as possible)

The only thing I don’t quite get is how would I implement models made on Blender for use within Evidyon, in the editor it appears to link directly to .PNG images (meshes/Masks/Layers)

The models required will include the following;

  • Armor models
  • Character models
  • Weapon models
  • Map/Terrain
  • Addtional work for future.

I will be quite honest to say I have dove into this neck deep and don’t really have much idea what I’m doing but am hoping to pick it up as I go along.

What I’m looking forI’m looking for a designer who can recreate models/images and maps from .Bmp, screenshots and images I have saved on my terminal, I don’t expect the recreation to be identical but as close to the originals as possible.

If the designer knows a thing or 2 about game creation and is able to not only create me the models but explain how they are used and implemented (More in-depth description and examples shown on introduction) this is preferred but not essential and I’m willing to pay for your guidance as well as your creative talents.
If you don’t have that knowledge please do not let it discourage you from applying as I will consider anyone with good talent for a reasonable price.

Anyone interested in helping me can PM/reply to me here or send me an email
[email protected]

I will pay via paypal or bank transfer on a fixed payment plan to be discussed after introductions.
(Not per hour)

Many thanks

Hi,plz check our cases to see whether our style is proper for your game project.

I sent an Email.

Sent you a PM! :slight_smile: