In search of Rain

Been watching tuts on Youtube and looking over addons for the best way to end my drought.

I need a few different types of rain for my short, 3D, animated, black & white, film noir… film.

Hoping to get some suggestions. Anyone out there makes it rain lately?

Scenes take place during both day and night

Light to heavy rain
Rain on car
on windshield removed by wipers (driving and parked)
falling through headlights & flashlights
in puddles
on desert ground
on old asphalt
on a character who wears a hat

Will also need to work with some type of cloud system. and did I mention lightning.

The story takes place in a stylized world that is about 75% real-looking. Props are simplified but not ‘cartoony’. Background plates will be a mix of real and 3D.

I’m new to blender and I’m just now returning to 3D after many years away. But I’m excited to jump back in. I was a C4D guy then, but I’m Team Blender all the way now.