In short, when it is not needed

So, for mindless swarm type enemies

Collision(vision cone)-and-Track To Target (head)
____________________ \ Property Start Look body

Every X frames if Property start =On Count = Count+1
If count = desired duration - and - track to target (body)
if count = desired duration+1 -and - property motion on
every x frames if motion = on - and - move forward a little and pop upward a little(walking)
for every count Play action walk cycle advance 1 frame

So if I “See you” with a vision cone collision look at you, wait a moment and then swivel my body to you,
then walk to you,

Next is obstruction avoidance,
I can “think” with rays or rolling a ball that is invisible that collides with the ground and players, but does not impart any momentum, if I roll a ball at you, and it does not hit you, and it falls down a lot… that is not a path, if I keep adding torque and changing my aim angle, the balls path becomes an arc, if this arc hits a enemy I can walk that path :slight_smile:
this may be CPU intensive, but it sounds EXPLETIVE REDACTED cool to me :slight_smile:

I don’t see a specific question here… unless this question is basically intended for people to write your game’s code for you.

Here is an example without Delays



SuperBasicAI.blend (401 KB)

oops this was to be a reply!!

Reply to why not use navigation mesh!
I sowwy

The code is right there :frowning: I r not exploitative, I help, I am a Expletive!


I am always trying to think of what to write code wise, If my writing for you makes me better, and you should always thank people when they help you… in the form of currency or just by sharing the crap they write and saying they wrote it :slight_smile:

I can write code, you can use it, I can profit from proliferation via a job or contract,
I write for online magazines, and blogs etc, so learning while doing helps me help others learn whilst doing :slight_smile: