In Solitude

Hi guys! This is my 3rd thread i think, a small project. Hope you like it and C&C :slight_smile:

Cycles GPU.
3000 Samples.

Nice render. Conveys just what the title says. Only thing I would do is, if you’re using a sun lamp I would set it smaller to make the shadows through the blinds sharper. Just an opinion. Cheers.

I think there is too much glossy on the wall paint. Old dirty paint aged like that loose its glossiness too generaly, plus as the house looks abandoned and the sun is in front of us, I dont realy anderstant what can be reflected so strongly on the wall.

The scene is lighting with HRDI, no lamps were used.

That was my first impression, but it’s hard to say without the blend.

Then you may want to add a sun lamp and lower the world light a bit, it will probably be more realistic but still the glossy will probably need to be lowered anyway.

I’ve made a little update… hope you like.

Still waaaay too much gloss on the wood. You need a little to pick out the texture, but it looks oily and unnatural at the moment.

A “little” update, eh? All the modeling and composition look fantastic. I’m kind of liking the black and white, too. Like Androol said the wall is still way too glossy. I would ease up on the shattering in the glass, too many smaller cracks there.

Is there some compression going on with the normalmap on the shattered glass, or are thoose rough edges intentional?