In Space Videogame Teaser

Hi guys,
this is my first animation project. I’m making the graphic for a 2d top down shooter game. Because this game is strongly inspired by the psOne classics, we decided to add a FMV. Having just 4 days, i rendered it in a really looooow resolution (384x216) succesvely upscaled in 1920x1080
Let me know what you think about it!
Have a nice day!

You have to clean it up a bit since you are using the Cycles Engine. Also, the smoke explosion looked kinda weird when it hit the boundary of the domain. It kinda broke the illusion there.

Hi Pierpaolo, the video looks cool!

Really cool! but I would suggest some more torso movement. It really makes him look stiff. maybe also try and smooth the camera movements. other than that great stuff! models and composition is cool!