In terms of human development, how old would Blender be ?

For myself I’d say that pre-OpenSouce Blender was an infant (somehow, for me, “it”'s a girl !). Post-OS she fledgingly began to walk on her own but had a serious case of diaper rash. It took time to potty-train her (cleaning the code) since her parents had her taking ballet, kung-fu and hockey classes at the same time. The present result is that she can tiptoe her way right in the face of the defence and score… but she’s always in danger of falling flat on her belly for lack of having all the tools.

Hopefully I don’t bother you with my polls. They’re not to be taken seriously, ever, but yet they generally stem from an idea that seduced me somehow.
Forgive my quirky sense of humour.


A self-assured pre teen.

Not quite fully developed in areas, but heading in the right direction.

Hey you stop at middle age…what about other category like ‘senior’ and also ‘nearly in grave’ like rubbleman… ha! shouldn’t joke about it might happen before Orange is out and then I don’t see it :frowning:

No way for this to happen sir !
You joined on Dec 6th : you’re not even a month old !

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’d go for teen too but possibly early 20s. It’s at the stage where it’s moving into the territory of the big boys and people are showing a lot of interest. Lots of potential, very slender and streamlined. Fun to play with but still needs experience/improvement in a few areas.

Home schooled freshman (or orphaned filly).


Don’t you know this is the end? Is there life beyond middle age?

Ha! You have long way to go in spirit mzungu.
I set myself new challenge when I was eighty to learn Blender.
So far I mostly lurk in background for about 18months and read and watch trying small bits and collecting info and know how.
Over last weeks I sign up and you see me now. I bet other ancient relics out there too. One day you also organised dust in wheelchair and you humble and grateful to others and find positive under every stone.
You see me alive here for while yet and I enjoy Blender as much as anyone. Happy blendering to you my fellow traveller :smiley:

a sweet sixteen girl definitively.

She has the power to make heads turn, but in the mean time still not matured and a bit rough with others


Ooohh… I just love that sentence: “A gorgeous 30 something”

I don´t feel so “out of date” anymore. :slight_smile: :smiley:

(Don´t know about the aging rubbleman though :stuck_out_tongue: ) he he he

Happy new year everyone.

Eh! :smiley:

On another subject : this thread attrackted some adds about babies not likely to be seen often on Elysiun. Seems that we’ve fallen back into the groove though.



i say a mixed up teen in terms of GUI. All the cool new features in 2.4 are near impossible to get a grasp on through the GUI without reading massive amounts of text files or asking in the IRC channels and above all memorizing keyboard shortcuts.

In terms of features though, i’d accept the gourgous 30-something :slight_smile:

i like home schooled freshman a lot.
seriously i think this fits.

blender does not conform with standarts completly
and lately makes its transition into the mature world.

Hmm I say preteen, Blender has come along nicely and I think 2006 looks good but there is still alot to do. I know I say this alot but N-Gon support is a big deal for me. Maybe it’s because it’s open source but blender seems so powerful in some places and really weak in others. Overall though I’d say from the new users I’ve seen coming here since 2.40 it’s not to far from getting it’s Driver’s licence. So I guess preteen doesn’t fit hmm, I hate it when I over think things…

Either way Blender looks like it’s getting ready to move along at an even faster pace.