"In the clouds"

This is one if my own jewelry design and inspiration. A high jewelry organic ring in white gold, diamonds and pearls set in an abstract environment of colored clouds and sparks.
Everything created and made using Blender 3.0alpha and rendered at 4K with CyclesX
The final render just received some vignette and frame, other than that render is fresh from the gpus.
Even if my work is generally well known, I keep making full length video tutorials to show that jewelry design with Blender can reach very professional results. I also just started to make it more artistic, and I still have a long way to go.

Full video tutorial at https://youtu.be/adzqgC8H8so


amazing work! the flares was made using depth of field, or putting images with alpha of a flare, I love this! ^w^

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Thank you! The flares are spheres in the scene with DOF and with emision material and color variations, you can see that in the video near the end https://youtu.be/adzqgC8H8so?t=8107