In the Crypt

(S68) #1

Plain, stupid, rows of columns…




(harkyman) #2

Where’s Gandalf and his pesky glowing staff when you need them?

Cool image. Don’t know about the grainy specularity on the columns, but what the hey, this is a Finished Project, not a WIP, so I’ll shut my mouth.

(paradox) #3

I too like it, but I too wonder about the grainy specularity only it doesn’t look that bad on the collums but the celling in the first row of collums bothers me. Damn we is picky sometimes. Still a cool image.

(BgDM) #4

I have to agree. It just doesn’t seem to fit for some reason.

I like the imnage though. Great sense of depth and massiveness. Great work.


(Phrangkk) #5

I like it, but your green lanterns seem to be casting white light!
I think the grain makes the ceiling look like sandstone.