In the depths...

(snailrose) #1

Hey all…this was supposed to be for the weekend challenge, I didn’t have enough time to finish for the deadline… :x

Let me know what you think

(BgDM) #2

Not bad at all! Your characters have come a long way in detail. Keep that up and you will be rivalling imgrandpaboy in that area.

There is some major texture stretching where the opening to the hole is. Try and fix that if you can. My only other suggestion is to make the head a little less bright in the hole. Should seem a bit darker to give it a more of a dark/erie (<-SP) feeling.


(Jolly Gnome) #3

Ey! Creepy dude :slight_smile:

(dreamsgate) #4

Well that is a scary mental image.

(MrPatel) #5

nice work…creepy…a good creepy :wink:

(snailrose) #6

Hey all thanks for your comments…I fixed the outer wall,
UV mapped it and added some cracks, finally figured out how to
Use DOF :smiley: and added a shadow cast across the face for more depth
let me know what you think…


(dreamsgate) #7

very creepy!

(BgDM) #8

The new one is 100% better! I still think it is a little bright for my taste, but that’s just my op.

Well done. Too bad you didn’t get it done in time. Woulda done well.