In The Forest

Some abstract renders for a past volumetric themed contest (the topmost is the entry). Using single default cube with subsurf+wireframe+array modifier, only one type of material (volume scatter). Rendered with Cycles 256 samples, no post pro.

Here’s the scene setup (for the first image) :

The other renders are obtained from varying the viewing angle. It’s actually a random trial of setting the volumetric effect before finally got these results. Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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Cool! :smiley: I enjoy abstract art myself, and think 3d allows for really interesting visuals to be made.

Thanks! I rarely do abstract, but seeing Robert T. artworks in the weekend challenge has somewhat inspired me. Thanks to the theme I got the opportunity to make some. Might try to do some more in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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