In the forest


(Itza) #1

Hello everybody,
This time I did an original concept and took the oportunity to test Marvelous Designer for the clothes and Substance Painter for the textures.
Everything else is done in Blender as usual!

(alf0) #2

nice work, man
can i ask what type of skin did you use, ? handpainted? or something else?


You can see the emotions in face and body language here, great work.

(Itza) #4

Thank guys!
The skin is hand painted, yes. There is a nice tutorial about this subject by Rico Cillier:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #5

You’re #featured, enjoy!

(Ricky) #6

This is so very beautiful. :slight_smile:

(BigBlend) #7

Reminds me a bit of Princess Jasmin from Disney’s Alladin of course but more Irish.

(Itza) #8

Thanks Bart ! :blush:

(drgci) #9

amazing great character

(tynaud) #10

Really good ! The only thing that bother me is her left hand, which pose seems a bit unnatural…
You really nailed it !
I never used marvelous, is it easy to use with blender ?

(Itza) #11

Thank you everybody!

@tynaud Yes Marvelous is easy to use with blender and it’s quite fun :slight_smile:
But it seems that the cloth simulation will be improved in the 2.8, so don’t hurry to buy it :wink:

(PixelPete) #12

Beautiful work! I would give it 5 stars, keep it up! :sunny:

(sundialsvc4) #13

So, is the movie ready yet? :smiley:

(Drew Evan) #14

great work…and the expression is amazing… i don’t u looking critique or not but one seems off to me …thats the left forearm and hand position look a bit weird ,little bit stilted…although great work …

(JoeW) #15

Yes - I would have to agree. My eye keeps going back to her left hand as the only way to attain that position would be to have the elbow a lot higher… It might be worth going out and trying to get a photo of that same pose as a reference to see how the hand would naturally fall.

Overall, a really nice model/render - great work!

(Panthergirl) #16

She’s beautiful. I’m excited to get on your level dear. I’m in beginner learning mode. Something about that hand is off, but I wasn’t sure what.

(Itza) #17

Thanks to all!
Yes you’re all totally right about this hand, now I can’t stop seeing it. I totally should have take reference pictures!