In the game Engine how do I make the camera move?

For example, I have set 2 keypoints for the camera, to go through some cubes.
However, as the cubes fall apart my camera isn’t moving.

When I press P, only the cubes move, the camera doesn’t.

How do I fix this?

You need to give your camera an Action actuator to play its animation
See attached example


camera_move.blend (83.2 KB)

How do I give a camera an auction actuator?

Logic bricks. It sounds like you need to learn the “SCA” concept that blender follows. Your best advice is to google ‘blender logic bricks’

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Fetcha, I’m slightly confused to what that means!?
You need to understand how the Game Engine works before asking how to do something - otherwise you’ve not bothered to help yourself. If you cannot be bothered to help yourself, how can we help you?
Therefore, it is best that you use your most powerful tool to hand - the internet - to understand what a logic brick is, how it works and so forth.

See demo:
First set the animation to play when the game engine starts and then when spacebar is pressed

It’s okay. I watched the logic bricks tutorial, I know understand how to do it :slight_smile:

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