In the house

I just signed up but I don’t have anything to post yet. I’m a painter by trade and I just started to get involved with digital art. You guys have some great work here!! I’ll be jumping into the challenges as soon as I can.

Welcome to the Blenderartists community. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Welcome, here we have tons of Blender resources and a huge pool of skill. This site is practically a must when getting Blender.

Howdy and welcome! I’m still wet behind the ears myself, but welcome nevertheless.:slight_smile:

the name is Super Wu-Man, i pretty much run things around here…
stay in line and you dont get hurt…
step out of line and i may anger…

i’ll let you in on the people around here, who you have to know, who you have to watch out for, but just as long as you know super wu-man is king you will be fine,

so here we go:

alltaken -his mom makes him wear skin tight redshorts, short shorts…you might find him attractive if your into that kind of thing
basse -paints with coffee, just stay away from this guy
rore -best looking girl on the entire forum…hmmmmm…only girl on the entire forum…shes crazy about the wu…i’m not suprised…
andy -one of the more talented of the blender users, he studied under me for a few years…he’s good/fair
ton -vroom jacket king, creator of blender, and the only guy who gets more chicks then me
sago -another nut, too many issues to list, all i have to say is “ace ventura pet detective tatoo” on his right arm…you do the math…
thoro -german nut, voice of on of the greatest cartoons ever “the big boss” you knew it was right!
iconox -robo fetish nutjob, his goal in life is to create a computer woman so he never has to leave the house
skottish -code name skittles, not very funny or talented, not much use to anyone…
tracer -makes up words like rood, narrowly avoided getting a flaming pimp slap from the wuster, dude it would have caved in the entire right side of your face…lucky
andyd -austrailian, his favorite super hero is super wu-man, so he gets by without much trouble from the wuster, basically because he is afraid of me…thats why all the respect, dude if your afraid go to church!
modron -one of the good guys on the forum…but not better then me
robertt -i have nothing bad to say about robertt, great artist and great person…for me to poop on
lohnc -eats children…you do the math
enriq766 -biggest ego on the forum…he is also afraid of the wuster…dude i already said go to church…

moderators -dont step too far out of line wiht these guys…or they will try to ban you, they couldnt ban the wu though…because when i leave the forum will crumble like a stack of playing cards…

bgdm -touchy about being overweight, i mean if you were pushing 400lbs you might be too, get on his good side with snikers and twinkies…
timothy -i dont think anyone has ever seen this guy, or talked to him, supposedly he created the forums?? and promised us a new one in a month…althought that was 3 years ago…
ztonzy -dont ask for any favors…it took me two weeks and i had to fill out 27 forms to get my name changed…i mean when super wu-man tells you to do somthing you do it…dont ask questions DO IT!
samadam -he will threaten to lock your thread…and then say its locked, but he is a alchoholic and dosnt have the motor skills to know how to lock a thread
dittohead- great moderator! he knows how to take directions from the wu, when i tell him to do somthing he does it right away…no back talk…

anyway…thats the basics, i’m sure i left tons of people out (i may have to make some updates), but basically…as long as you dont bother the wu…your stay will be pleasent…


You can ignore Super Wu-Man if you want, his super powers have drained the matter from his brain!

Just kidding.

And don’t listen to super whats his name he cant even draw his own avatar:p

I wouldn’t worry about Super Wu-Man, he just thinks he owns the place and the Blender program. About the forum collapsing like playing cards. If that happens then leave it leave to me (aka, powerful dragon who’s part machine and can devour Super Wu Man and/or barbeque him before he can say his own name.)

I haven’t seen Wu-man untill just a couple of days ago so or either he was inactive or either he’s wet behind the ears himself.
Anyway, welcome to the forum :smiley:
Blender and are complementairy, so make sure you don’t get a ban and feel free to ask any questions you have or just join in in the discussions! But be warned: a lot of people here don’t like people who ask questions without doing some research themselves.

Nog een prettige dag toegewenst!

Getting a ban here is extremely rare, unless you behave like CubeFan973 or Kansas_15 (or how Kansas used to act before he reformed)…

You have to be a big jerk to get banned. Like when I got banned. First time was spamming and making intentially crappy pictures and hijacking threads because I thought my images were insulted. Second time was when I started taunting the administrator with threads and that lead up from internet threats and wanting to put people in jail.

I got banned twice before. But i’m not really like that anymore.


That’s G-Mayonnaise, Yo

Valarking, you are Cheeze Whiz.

Wu, you used to seem like so much less of a poser… no… that’s not possible… wishful thinking… err…

No, no, it was before Sago turned you into a man…:

“I’m a real boy! I’m a real boy!”

“Sure you are Wu. Don’t mind us as I drive by the place with the lights. I mean Sago… not Wu, David.”

Wu-man also always seems to spell my name Iconox, for the last time spell my name right.

You really don’t want to resist a cyborg dragon.

Super Wu-man did not feel encouraged to ask any more questions about it, so IT turned to the Blender Artist, and said `What else had you to learn?’

Well, there was Skinning,' Sago replied, counting off the subjects on his flappers,–Skinning, ancient and modern, with UV unwrapping: then Icoxo Bashing–the Icoxo Bashing-master was an old Netherlands-eel, that used to come once a week: He taught us Skinning, Icoxo Bashing, and Fainting in Coils.’

iconox, your name is what i tell you it is…dont…I SAID DONT!

skittles, i spent the last hour trying to figure out what you avatar was…then it hit me…its the photo from your “all male, man-boob wet t-shirt contest”…you won right…

valarking- going straight to hell dude, your going straight to hell, HAHA!

this Ion person is going to crap his pants when he sees what has become of his thread…dang!

haha, what?

what do you mean “what”
you know exactly what i’m talking about
dont play stupid with me!

this reminds me, i should say that Ion is a good friend of mine in real life, so please dont lock this thread, because he is going to find this all very funny, he will find it sad that we all have this amount of free time, but he will still laugh his ass off…

You and what army, my cyborg dragon form also has the latest military technologies present and future embedded and hidden that I could summon and blast you to bits with. And even still I could go old fashioned on you, using dragon claws to tear up your mask. dragon fire to make you a red hot potato, and I have plenty of bite and will to devour you also (which would give a lot of juice for both my biological and mechanical systems)

This could all be avoided by just calling me Icoxo

Uh dude I think you left your LARPing sword at my house.