In the middle of nowhere

After a hell lot of frustration and sickness of hearing stuff [specific]
searching a job is a hard task at the moment, esp if you want to follow yer dreams.

I decided to take refuge in blending, its working so far …
here is one nice cartoony yet photoreal wannabe scene, in an annoying
cartoon series “courage”, but I always liked the house scene. Thus,attempting
the same. Now a few stuff and detail work [little more] is remaining.


will update later :slight_smile:

Wow, that looks very good. Waiting for updates.

I like the setting … the sand, the very rough boards, the camera angle, the overall feel of the piece.

The shadows seem too intense: the blue sky normally provides a bluish wash that affects shadows.

I have no idea why there’s a bright light shining out of that window …

The windmill needs to be a more accurate model. Grab some shots of an old Aeromotor or somesuch, model it, then rip some things off and let them dangle or fall to the ground.

Hey, thanks for the replies cpix and sundialsvc4

the bright light was just a halo test :stuck_out_tongue: forgot to keep it out [thats for a night scene render]

you know what, the windmill sucks, I went in for the cartoon style, but this deserves a better one [onto my Mechcanical book for nice references]
will update with that later.

btw the scene has an empty barrel and an old truck as well (I am planning to olden it up more)

here is a little update (worked with some materials and details)

and the light settings

comments and suggestions are welcome

it looks realy cool!

That looks great! Are we gonna see Courage? I used to love that show, until I stopped watching T.V.! Those shows were so wacky!

thanks for the replies C4 and Saxofoner91

I have not decided on including courage, but I could use him in a night scene where I could see a shadowy figure of courage diggin something in the backyard :smiley:

Well I have worked on the textures and the whole ambience of the day scene, and this is the best combination that I got

what do you think of this guys ? is it okay
there is post pro done here for getting the contrasts and noisifying it a bit

I am working on the barrel and the truck now