In the Midst of Progress.FINISHED ! Tex/UV map tut on p4 !

i am sooo ADD…i know i was working on my EuroCar project…and something else to. but o well, -someday- i will have a finished project…someday…

I don’t really know what it is, but the modeling and lighting and render remind me some pictures of 3dsmax renders from pros.

well thank you ! ill take that as a compliment :]

Really nice lighting, it just seems to be missing something. It feels like you need to add a chain in the upper-middle somewhere. Maybe add a little something.

But as I said, really nice!

yeah, im wondering if maybe a crane on a track going towards the camera may work…i dunno, with a scene like this its really easy to clutter it up…

Very well lit and rendered. I think what stagnates it, though, is the prevailing symmetry (and, secondarily, the overall horizontal nature) in it. Something of a vertical nature, offset left or right, and in the foreground should help provide depth and interest.

Your suggestion would probably work well, especially since you’re aware that too much would clutter it. My guess is that you’ll handle it just fine.

I agree with Fweeb. There are way too many horizontal elements in the image.

The tube/pipes in the lower foreground have some weird bends in them and turns as well. Look at actual ref images of refineries, etc., to see how the pipes actually flow through the structure.

See here (quick Google search):


It is really good! Very nice lighting & modeling

Fweeb: thanks man, and im working on a new object in my scene…to kinda put some vertical lines into it. also i’ve changes the large pipe in the foreground to go up instead.

BgDM: i agree. and as i stated to Fweeb im getting some things changed. also to deal with the odd pipes in the front i’ve gotten rid of them, also i’ve changed the odd looking shapes into little tanks with just pipes coming out of the top. Thanks for the image ! i wasn’t really sure what my image looked like…but looking at that refinery i kinda have an idea :wink:

SmaTheGreek: thanks man !

ok, just a little note. this image is (obviously) very mechanical and cold. well, i want to portray some kinda emotion in this image somehow…my title for it “In the Midst of Progress” is actually what i want someone to feel when they look at this. so anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this look more “emotional” ???

well, a little bit of an update. im clearing the center for a new idea. a figure sitting alone in a chair doing something like throwing cards into a hat…or possibly crying. i dunno, but i’ve kinda gotten an idea of what i want now…more suggestions are always welcome though !

This is a good step forward. I still think it’s got a little bit too much symmetry in it, but maybe that’ll allow what you’re doing in the foreground to take more focus (assuming it’s not symmetric).

As a suggestion, and because I like simplicity, to interject some warmth and emotion to what you have, I’d be interested in seeing a red splatter puddle on the ground to the left of the image. A lot of lines in this point to that location and if you could be a bit ambiguous as to whether to puddle is paint or blood, it might suit the “In the Midst of Progress” theme pretty well.

yeah, as far as the simplicity idea goes: your right. i don’t wanna ruin this scene with a character thats been horribly modeled by me. so yeah, ill do something with objects still :]

well, here’s another update. i’ve started texturing the scene for a little change of pace,and to let my mind think about what i wanna do for the focus of this image

wow, nice work! :o

P.S. How did you make the chain bend so well?

very careful proportional editing (O-KEY)

heres a wee gem i found, which everybody should save to their HDD.

its a mathematical curve which represents the way a rope (or chain) curves when strung between two points.

shove it into your scene and scale it around till the two nodes match with your model, then scale it vertically depending on how much length you require.

Well not to dispute your intentions, but that mathimatical thingy isn’t chisled in stone, cause it also depends on the length of chain between the two points. Therefore if the length is very long you’ll have a large sag in the chain, as opposed to having a short chain with less sag between the same two points. However, great idea though.

My crits:
I’m glad to see that you have lessened the pipes and added something else. Great texture on the floor too. Can you post that somewhere?

Great creativity, and great innovation… so far, keep it up, can’t wait until the final product.

Am i the only one who thinks this lighting and color scheme, along with the industrial look, makes this scene look like the one in Advent Children where the entire crew is fighting Bahamut?

Okay, that may just be me then.

sprinkles: thanks for the compliments ! im hoping to get this bugger finished soon

afrosk8er88: actually, i was thinking more along the lines of MGS2: Sons of Liberty, or Half-Life 2 but yeah, i can see how you could get Advent Children out of it.

… which is why you scale it vertically to suit the length of chain/rope required(as mentioned above :slight_smile: ).