In The Mist

Everything done in blender

This one however, was rendered in yafray. I think it looks much better but I don’t seem to get any particles when rendered in yafray. If someone knows how to fix that it’d be appreciated.

And heres a quickly rendered version of what I thought was an interesting effect:

Crits and Comments welcome

Particles cant be rendered in YafRay unless its static particles which really sucks, but interesting piece JeffH the first one looks better than the YafRay Render though XD
and you prop could of done the grass a little more nicely though but good start anyway :slight_smile:

As tasty as yafray is, there are times when it just can’t really improve a piece much at all, and even make it worse. This is one of those cases. I much prefer everything in the BI render to the yafray render, including the spaceship thing itself.

Thanks for the comments. I agree that the BI render was better, but I just think it was a little soft.

Here’s an interesting view: