in the new 2.40 release

i was working on a project in blender 2.37 you might know it “TR” and the problem is when i put it in the new blender 2.40 and press p, the character doesnt do any of the animations i assigned to him. so can version 2.40 use the armature from 2.37 and if so how?

thanks in advance

o and production has been going good so far hope fully i can post another demo with enemies ans puzzles and stuff soon after chrismas.

Blender 2.4’s game engine does not have armatures inmplemented because of the square-one rewrite.

I have also asked this question, and have seen 2 other people ask it as well.

This is one of the things I don’t understand about NaN. Why would you release a new version, without including all the functions from the old version. It is as if they were in a rush to release it or something.

I know this is off topic (sorry masta_p), but I just have to say that this all seems ass backwards to me. If anybody could explain to me why they do things this way please do so, because I just can’t understand.

This is one of the things I don’t understand about NaN. Why would you release a new version, without including all the functions from the old version. It is as if they were in a rush to release it or something.

%| Umm… blender was originally developed by NaN, but not anymore. It’s bridged off from that. I don’t think they’re part of NaN anymore.

Yeah about the armature stuff. It’s fully supported with loads of new features for the modeling/rendering side. However, with the new implementation it means no armature support for the GE this release. It’ll take awhile to have it work again…

Our problem is few GE developers, but loads of developers for the other side of blender. Don’t ask why, lol, it’s been asked way too much before.

Jason Lin

Just for the curious guys, a little history of Blender:

Each Release, something important is missing. %|
For the next Release, i wish a total development STOP for non GE Stuff. Only coding for GE is allowed. 8)


:smiley: Absolute agree! And than we will make a game such as Orange is being made now. Instead of a movie it will be a game. And it will be called the Lemonade project.

What do you think everyone?

Uh no


This is an excellent idea. Perhaps something other than Lemonade. The only trouble is that the render side of blender is soooo much more important to keep updating if Blender is to stay alive at all. That is where the real action is. If the GE is to be around at all it needs the render engine. I think that the render side is getting annoyed with the GE side too. Dont ask me why I think that…just a thought.

Programmers create new engines all the time and they often code them from the ground up. Blender can’t keep relying on this building up from old technology for the GE. It needs a rebuild.

First of all NaN ( Not a Number the company that originally produced blender as a commercial progject) went out of businsess like 3 years ago I thing. It was thru the efforts of blender users like the people here on this forum, donating money to the blender foundation fund that Ton was able to buy back the rights to blender from the creditors of NaN and make blender open source.---- Anyone here correct me if I am wrong on any of the particulars.

That being said. Blender is being developed as a labor of love. Volunteer programmers donateing thier time and brainpower to make a great product that they are DONATING to the world for FREE. In other words no one is making money off blender developement. Maybe off selling content made with blender but not off the actual program itself—Once again correct me if I am wrong in any of the particulars.

Thus having some things that are not quite correct in the program is just something you need to deal with. If you want 100% bug free and backward compatibility then spend a few hundred dollars on something like 3DSMax or Lightwave.

Does this mean you guys are going to organize a Blender GameEngine Development team and create a phat multi-player game that will rival Unreal tournament?

If the GE “community” can’t keep the game engine consistent and bug free, what makes you think they can make anything close to Unreal Tournament?

Tha fact is that blenders game engine is not somathing that can be used to make a commercial quality game (as we know it). Its primary function is modelling and animation (as people here have clearly described).

Im guessing that the game engine was originally built into blender just for things such as walkthroughs and interactive product demonstrations, and since that is all that I wanted in the first place, thats all that I need.

Before the Orange project, animation wasn’t exactly one of the stronguests points of Blender. Now it is. And “Elephant’s Dream” intention is to be a comercial quality movie i guess.

Btw animations and Render are used in professional games. And i agree with Pryjon when he said that is hard to make all of this sides converge.
But we can’t see animation and rendering stuff as enemies of game engine.

It was initially planned to have the animation refactor done for the game engine as well for 2.40, however, the primary game engine coder stated that he would not have time to do so - since we had been in feature freeze for a long time, it was decided to go ahead with a release - those who need a full game engine are still able to use 2.37a and can wait for 2.41.


Regarding an ‘Orange project’ for the game engine,

see this post at the Blender forums, Ton posted midway on page 2

Also in a thread on Orange he mentioned the budget

120k Euros not including foundation funding (ie Ton and the foundations administrative overhead probably add 30k for the 6 month period) so to do an equivalent 150k euros. Also as Ton mentioned in the thread above, such a project would probably more focus on improving internal tools and workflow between an established game engine, instead of working on the internal game engine. Personally I’m a bit conflicted about trying to set up funding for working on improving the internal engine although its small footprint is great, and some of the recent patches I’ve heard about are really imprssive.


From little that I have dabbled in it, the GE only has a few kinks that seem very fixable. The bullet physics that came out in 2.40 solved pretty much all the problems that I initialy had with it in the first place. Actually, if the FROT and FLOT actuators worked in 2.40 as they did in 2.37, I would be under the impression that the GE is fine as it is.