In the park

This park is a very large and detailed environment (800x600 mt).

The scene include 1 simple terrain, modeled in World Creator 2 and texurized and populated in Blender (Render Cycles).
The scene was populated with 8 eco-systems (by ParticleSystems) and 4 array by curves.

If you want to see more pictures go: here

in the park_20


Love the extensive work on the particle system. Can see some nice variation in the distribution of vegetation. Would be great to see the same scene during a blue hour or sunset.

By the way, where did get those trees and vegetation?

I would also like to do scenes with different atmospheres and surely soon I will do some of them.
The vegetation (trees and grass) I created with specific software (Flora 3D).

You’re #featured! :tada:

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It looks like a beautiful image of an urban dystopia.

Nice park scenes and interesting workflow that gets you such a complex environment with relatively limited assets.

  • The people trekking the path on the island are doomed to go in circles forever since the island is not bridged with the “mainland” of the park.
  • Why the restrictive bars lining the paths? (though they are a good example of your ability to lay out features along a path.
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  • in truth there is a passage… but you have to find it. :wink:
  • because it’s forbidden to step on the flower beds. :grinning:

Its quite nice, but something about the scale feels off. Also the design of the fence looks kinda weird. Somehow it feels like one of those kids parcs where they can drive little cars. So many roads intersecting in such a small space doesnt make any sense. Hope this is just concepting

Yes it’s, this scene still has some aspects of banality (fences etc). But I go on by trial and error, I’m still learning to master this type of modeling (modeling of environments), which is quite difficult and requires very powerful PCs (which I don’t have). :slightly_smiling_face:

What about sky? The view angle is totally off (as in a work of many others), not easy task :slight_smile:

To bring out the environment and its colors, almost all the shots are set from top to bottom, in this way the sky is penalized.
But on the other hand in this scene it’s not the most important part … I believe.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Hi, this is super nice rendering and design.
I am a landscape architect, and trying to use Blender to do renderings. I hope I can achieve similar outdoor lighting effect like Lumion, but I cannot… but your rendering really did, which is super wonderful!
I wonder how you do the lighting? and is the sky generated in blender? do you use HDRI?
sorry, i am still new to blender, and really hope to get some guidance!

Hi Yan,
to generate the sky I used a simple technique with an HDRI image (it’s the simplest and most suitable way for most cases, at least for my scenes).
For lighting I learned everything via the web (youTube), there are tons of tutorials and mini tutorials that it’s impossible not to find what you are looking for. It only takes a little patience. :wink:
Ciao, Luigi.

thanks so much! so you did not use any special add-on for lighting or environment lighting?
Because I found sometimes why I cannot achieve the ideal result is because I don’t have the right add-on…

no, no add-ons, all native Blender 2.82 features.

This is awesome. For creating a large scene, do you model in real world scale?
By this I mean using a person then modeling a fence or road etc? Scale seems to mess me up when creating a scene. Right now I’m practicing modeling things separate then they to add all together but then I get lost.

Seems a lot of people block out over a landscape image and they scale up or down the final product.

yes the whole scene is in full scale.
I have always used to work in full scale, both when I personally model the terrains and the assets with which I populate them … even using imported objects.
First of all I scale them down to full scale.

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