in the spirit of things...

(muteinvert) #1


(mrmunkily) #2

seriously i think that it’s pretty inappropriate.

(theeth) #3

I think that too.


(blengine) #4

dangit! censoring it just makes me crave it more! argh, now ill never feel complete =*(

i hate not know, lol…bah, humbuggy

(blengine) #5

hahahaha, whats so innapropriate about that? oh cmon guys, for generations there have been PLENTY of spoofs of the classic jingle bells!!
dont tighten up on me now moderators!
if its innappropriate for children, luckily theres that “u cant sign up without parental permission if your under age 13” thing to back u up!.. i get more innappropraite porn pop ups when i open friggin hotmail, lol… theres no harm in a littler beastiality song… sheesh… even back in grade school i remember sooo much WORSE things that this…

the power… like many others you have fell victim to it… it has gone to your head, and theres no turning back…

if your trying to sensor the forums, you might as well sensor real life while your at it, you forum zombie moderators you…

ho ho ho

(valarking) #6

muteinvert, you’re trash, and you’ll never be anything else. thank you.

(muteinvert) #7

blengine, thanks for the support. so there is someone on this forum with an iq over a monkeys, other than me.

valarfag-i mean valarking, i don’t give a fuck, and never will. oh, by th way, tell your mom i’ll pay her tommorow.

as long as im here i should tell you that i’m remaking my site at

“of course they gonna know what a intercourse is by the time they reach fourth grade, they got the discovery channel don’t they? we aint nothin but mammals, well some of us canibals, who cut other people up like cantaulopes”

(IMProvisar) #8

While you’re remaking it, I’d suggest you fix the width of your nav bar so it doesn’t look screwed up to anyone without their window at 1024x768… although right now, you’re correct, best viewed while minimized, hehe.


(valarking) #9

Ok, seeing as to how my post got deleted, let me summarize it.

muteinvert is bad.

(valarking) #10

Of course it was. That’s the whole principal of a flamewar.

(theeth) #11

seems like nothing good is going to come out of thise thread, so there’s two solutions:

  • you let it die an honorable death in the void of the forgotten threads
  • someone locks it
    that’s really simple isn’t it?


(valarking) #12

number 2

(CubeFan973) #13

How about #3?

“Deleting the whole thing since no one can tell what’s going on here!”

(acasto) #14

When you think about it, this is the spirt of things this time of year. Go up to a little kid and say that <censored> is not real.

I was watching the kids get their pictures taken with santa today and I thought of something. We should replace santa with the grim reaper. I can see it now,“come here lil one… come and tell death what you would like for christmas.”

(CubeFan973) #15

[confused]Acasto, what does the Grim Reaper have to do with Christmas?[/confused]

(valarking) #16

Did you censor that yourself?

(acasto) #17


yeah i did it

Because the grim reaper had an affair with mrs.clause and now santa is pissed because there is going to little santa reapers runnin around

(CubeFan973) #18

Whoa… I didn’t know that Mrs. Claus had NOTHING to do, so she got the Grim Reaper to do…