In the Wind

(Michael Soluyanov) #21

Why dandelions are not flying?

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Very nice. Insane amount of detail in her hair and eyes. Though maybe a windy day wasn’t the best time for a short dress and an umbrella. ; )

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(Cheryl Chen) #24

@bartv - Thank you for the feature! :blush:
@Tedri_Mark - Thank you! You’re right, the topology for her elbow isn’t great. I’m gonna fix it up in later models~
@Crantisz - Ohhh haha, that’s a very good point :sweat_smile: There’s some around her, but there should be a lot more from the grass…
@Phil3 - Thanks Phil! I guess it really isn’t eh?
@Cavek - Aww thank you! :smile:


(özgür) #25

Great work, congrats.

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All is amazing , and the hair beautiful!:smiley:

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(FGO) #27

excellent work.
excellent volumes, good colors and very beautiful light.
thank you,

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(Cheryl Chen) #28

Thank you, @ozgur1, @76artcg, and @FGO! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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(Avery) #29

Very beautiful! Love the colors and composition. Nothing I can say that no one else has! :laughing: But I do really like your style. :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Cheryl Chen) #30

Thank you, @ArtAvenue! :smile: