In the Woods

Just fast fun. Dynatopo sculpt rendered in Cycles and then some paintover done in photoshop :slight_smile:

Oooh! Creepy :slight_smile: Nice job!

Love the stylized look to the image.

Aww, he’s not evil, just misunderstood :slight_smile:

Brilliant image! I want this guy in my garden :smiley:

You left me with nightmares for the night!!! Thank you! Really cool image

Is this how the background really supposed to look. I think you could have painted it better or used another technique, this one is too simple.

Thank you guys.

As for the background your absolutely right martynes, I was trying blending image bg to scene first time. It looked decent when i made it, but looking it now it doesnt really fit the scene. It feels too flat and undetailed and perspective is kinda off too.