in the wrong Hood.. Animation

Hello there!

And again it’s voting Time on 11second club!
My new entry is ready to be watched… hope you people like it!

If you do, please give me a nice rating at the official 11 second club competition voting…
thank you very much in advance!!!:eyebrowlift:

That was great! I love the ending! I definitely did not see it coming.

These are my critiques: #1- The other characters don’t move enough. The guy with the blade doesn’t blink, or shift about in response to the main character’s dialogue. And the guys in the background are totally still. Obviously, they shouldn’t move a lot, or that will distract from the main guy. But they still need to appear alive. #2- Everyone should react to the main guy beginning his attack. It would be cool if the guy with the knife leaned back a bit and looked shocked. #3- The lipsync is a bit off. Try using a large variety of mouth shapes, and contrast between small shapes and big ones.

Other than that, though, great job!

Thank you very much Savanna! :slight_smile:

you are totally right! More contrast in mouth shapes would help make it more convincing…
The BG characters look like wax figures… next time even extras will come to live…
The lack of reaction was intended as a freezed frame at the moment before the foot touches the big bad guys face…
(wasn’t solved good - I think besides a reaction, a extrem slow motion at the end would help as well…)

ouch! :frowning: didn’t saw that coming… 312 out of 390… got to improve a lot

Next time I want to rank much better! Got a lot of work to do!