In to the Horizon

Starblaster from Guardians of the Galaxy
A sci-fi flight scenes

blender 2.71


Wow, impressive render! Did you have any blueprints or anything, or did you model it just from images/seeing the movie? 'Cos geometry looks complicated… Also really nice texturing/lighting/compositing!

Sooo pretty! :slight_smile:

@Impreza09: No blueprint (I would like to see it, if there is one tho.), I got the references mostly from the movie and image I found in google image. There are lots of fill in the blanks, mostly for the backside and bottom, so it is not 100% replica of the original.

awesome composition, clear contrast, eye pleasing, good work, thank you.

Massive fleet version:

I don’t know… I think I liked the original better. May it’d help if there were even more Starblasters in the background, so many, that they started to look tiny in the background… In the movie, which I just watched yesterday, there was a helluva of them… But, well I’m no composition expert really, so you could just as well ignore my advice. Btw, the movie was really cool; it was fun and light to watch, and boy, the SFX… So darn impressive. I’d definetly rate the CGI 10/10. I mean, everything was so well done it really looked real, and, in every single scene, every single shot was beautiful in some way… the colours, the mood… I know this is 2014, and it’s normal for a movie to have great SFX, but I still think the team who did deserves the praise.

^The movie is better than I expected, The VFX is excellent and truly a sight of awe! It inspire me to get even more better with 3D

Details, lighting and color on this are incredible! Great job!

Another shot: spaceship of Ronan

Wow I love these the work with the clouds is awesome.