In today's politically correct world...

is there still room for midget humor? I’m working on an adventure game in the style of Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry, and the like, with it centering around a band of midgets.

It should be noted that not even a unanimous negative reaction will influence me. I just want to know what sort of market to expect.

Personally i think people take P.C way too seriously sometimes, though it does have its time and place.
And with the whole dwarf tossing thing, why not leave it to the individual dwarf to decide wether he will allow himself to be tossed.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I don’t even think the term “midget” is politically correct anymore, and “dwarf” is right out.

Yes, they’re all vertically challenged persons. :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, I can see it now, if the PC trend continues, women will be referred to as tallywacker challenged.

OMG!! That is so un-PC!!! Women aren’t challenged!!! They are motherhood capable! Power to the women!!! lol


yes I know, but try living as a woman in a man’s world, there is still way too much discrimination. And all because men have tallywackers and women only get limited visitation rights to it.

Limited visitation rights to the “man’s world” or to the tallywacker? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Limited visitation rights to the “man’s world” or to the tallywacker? :stuck_out_tongue: :P[/quote]

I’ve been away for some days, to do some meditation of mine… So I missed pretty much of the discussion… Do you want me to join??? :wink:

Anyway even if you don’t I’ll join… :wink:

I don’t know, what the other’s think, but I say give the ladies access to everything…


P.S.: Guys you’ll never understand, but I have to say… I love you all and especially Mr. Drevay… He’s a hell of a good guy… :smiley:

If you only get limited visitation rights, I believe you should consider you may be involved with a gay man in the closet. I think most would provide near full custody. :stuck_out_tongue:


or unless they are no longer young enough to want it all the time, even then women still don’t get treated the same.

That’s okay though, we get even by having PMS, it’s a great field leveler. No matter what a man does during that time span he is WRONG, and he knows it. :wink:

If that’s the case, then how come my penis has kept me out of quite a few jobs?

I have been in situations where ten men with training and experience got turned down and the first woman that showed up without even knowing what her job duties would be got hired without much of an interview.

A joke is a joke and if it’s funny… well that’s Correct!! even when it’s political. :smiley:

“I can stand politcal jokes, but what angers me is that they often get elected.”

It still shocks me that there’s a girl in our presence. %|

“Bob had b*tch tits.” --Fight Club (the guy had testicle cancer and had to have it cut off… ow)

Anyways. I see from a girl’s point of view what you mean. (No, I’m not a girl, and I’m not gay, so don’t ask me out.) I know how women are treated. They even seem to get used to it, and decide to become sex-obsessive, lesbians, or both. (I think the first group are called “cheer-warriors” or “cheer-commanders”… eh, can’t remember it… what is it at those football games?)

Well, maybe you should stop coming to the job interviews nude.

Did she get fired?

Seriously, the minorities are treated better because they’re minorities. However, young people still can’t get jobs unless they lie about their age. Call me dumb, but seriously, is that a crime? (If so, arrest Laurence Fishburn. He lied about his age to be in “Apocalypse Now.”) If not, I’ll apply at Wendy’s or somewhere.

There are places in the world where “Grown” people take advantage of “kids labour” and get rich… These kids are being forced to work under extremely dificult conditions in factories and mines, for a few cents/day… They don’t get to see much from their childhood…

They are “grown up” before they were even borned…

Don’t apply at Wendys unless you are forced Cube…

Timonides, I’m too young to apply anywhere. The point I’m trying to make is, I’d lie about my age to get the job, and they wouldn’t find out.

More than likely, I’d try for Target or something, and work as a cashier/stockboy/janitor/whatever.

Well, CubeFan, my point was that young people are excluded from such things, not the same way midgets, women, mentaly or kinetic disabled people, or whatever…

You can’t apply for job, because (right or wrong…) you are in a very tender age, which has to be protected, from the dangers of the very “hostile” working environment…

But such “minorities” are often excluded for other reasons, some even have to do with “racist” motives…

That’s all…