In view preview different vs render

I made & applied my textures and for some reason the preview window looks correct but the render window is incorrect in applying the textures (look @ the eyes):
preview: render:

i made the model for use in doom 3 and in game it looks correct (preview). Any clue as to why it would look wrong in the render window every single time it’s rendered?

You probably just have to flip the normals for that eye (in Edit mode, select all faces [Ctrl+A] and flip normals[Ctrl+N]).

It could be that you’re using the UV window texture for the viewport. Renders and GLSL mode models always use the texture in their Material, so maybe you haven’t changed the map input in Shading (F5) -> Material Buttons -> Map Input to UV yet?

that was it! :smiley: Thanks. Didn’t even think that because it looked good in the preview window.