In VSE is it possible to copy from one file to another

I know I can not use Append, but I have a lot of images and sounds that are all laid out, and I want to keep them that way, it seems I remember someone talking about a copy and paste addon, but I could not find it.


This may work for you. Make a movie out of them in the old file and import that into your new file.

Thanks, my problem is that I have up to 3 sound tracks, and I need to slide one of them forward when I combine the videos, I am making a series of videos on the Sun, each a year long, when combined I need to cut out the credits in the beginning, an move the main sound track forward as well, but keeping the other 2 tracks where they are, doing it the way you stated, all the sound tracks get mixed into one, unless there is a way to separate the tracks that I do not know about.

I did think about using a separate mix for the audio, but its based on the video, so no way to do that, although I could just turn off the main track and render it out, and that would solve that problem, there are about 30,000 frames in each video, so it takes all day just to render it, making it not so good of a choice.

It looks like my only option is just to put all the videos in 1 file, easy to do by just changing the start and end, but it will end up being a very big file, but in the end, it will be a very long video, each year takes about 20 minutes to play, so 2 years, 40 minutes and so forth, and I also will have the individual years at the same time, so using this approach I have all of them in 1 file, then I can make a copy of it, and edit it, not a problem really, I was just hoping there was something I was missing, the Append did not work the way I thought it would, it did not keep the timeline settings, all it did was import the files, and not into the timeline itself.

Actually I started on it last night, I figured if someone came up with a better solution I could implement it, but as it is, this will work, but I will keep it open for a week and see if someone else knows a better way to do this, I run into issues like this all the time, where I want to bring in a fully animated scene, and wish I could just copy and paste, and I know there was talk about implementing this, but I can not find that thread, not even sure if it was on this site, I have followed many forums since blender first came out with version 2, I have been using it for years, but still not very good at it, its not my passion, just something I need to do to get to the work I am trying to put out, which is in the videos, so I just hack my way through it, no books, just hands on and looking at others work, then trying to learn from it.

Thanks, if anyone knows about any plans for copy and paste from one file to the next, so I have 2 blender instances open, I copy from one instance, and paste it into the other, or if the append has some objects that I need to append also, so that they can fully pull in all the stuff from VSE timeline as well as animated objects and with all the materiel and keyed frames, playing with it I could not figure it out, appending everything did not seem to work, but I am just a hacker, even in computer programming, just a hacker, please let me know if you have any thoughts on how to do this right.