In with the old

What can I do to make this thing more realistic?

This is the final version, when I have more time, I’ll come back to it. Any feedback is apreciated

I really like it. It’s got a very atmospheric feel to it. Very desolate. What do you think needs to be improved?

Well, I have to adjust the lighting a bit, and make the materials a little more visible. Maybe improve on the objects, I think there is room for improvement.

The chair looks better in the first version because you can see the glossiness of the material. Maybe you could add some volumetric lighting?

What I see on EVERY Blend is NO filmic glow. All looks like models, to clear or clean. If you were to use a blur on the whole file. Very slight. Also set your Depth of Field to one object.

Definitely add a light volume as you would see sun and dust particles especially of that magnitude of sun in a dark room like that.
In after effects with digital recording this is a common thing. We add an adjustment layer to the the whole file with a bit of box blur and reduce to taste via opacity. In Blender ? I do know there is blur available and DOF but have not got there yet.

There are dust particles as well as volumetric lighting, I just decided to make it more subtle. You’re right about the DOF, I should emphasize that more

I really, really like the second image. The only thing I can think of that might improve the overall look is to adjust the texturing on the floor. In an abandoned building like that, I would expect to see more dirt and fading of the parquet. The volumetric lighting and dust on the final version are excellent additions. Like I said, I really, really like this.

Thank you, and you are right, the floor should look more dirty and damaged, like I said, someday I will make it even better

To me it looks very good. Personally, I’d let it stand on its own merits.

Beautiful, the only thing I see you can improve is the chair texture.