In your opinion what is the best GPU for cycles for under 600$

It looks like on the benchmark spread sheet that a geforce GTX 680 is the third fastest and only 580ish. Anyone have a better one? I really need gpu rendering (at the moment my cpu renders that benchmark scene in 15 minutes!!!)

Thank you all!

If you are from the US then for around 600 bucks you should be able to get a GTX 780.


4x 750 Ti’s

You’ll need a large mobo, but for the power efficiency and thermals, totally worth it.


GPU rendering bigest flaw is VRAM limitations. Why the hell one would go for 4x 750 Ti`s is beyond me.

What do you use Blender for mostly?

Definitely a GTX 780 with 6GB of RAM, like these!

Quick question, 4 x GTX 750ti, so it doesn’t matter that this cards don’t have SLI Support, blender can use GPU’s without SLI?

SLI slows the rendering down, you dont need SLI at all. Thats why you can use 2 or more different GPU models together. The only thing you have to take note of is memory mirroring, if one card has 2Gb of VRAM and the other has 4Gb of VRAM then you`ll be able to use only 2Gb.

And 4xGTX 750Tis cost the same as one GTX 780 6Gb which has 3 times more memory.

THX but I think 4xGTX 750Tis are double so fast when you don’t need much RAM

4x750Tis will be faster than a single GTX 780 but definitely not twice as fast. First of all when you have multiple GPUs theres some overhead - 10-15% performance loss, the scaling is not perfect. They also require 4 PCI-e slots and provide no further upgrade paths. Together with the very limited VRAM I just cant recommend 4 GTX 750Tis to anyone.

Would be nice if Blender could use GPU’s over the Network as GPU-Slaves, put the data to the Card in the other computer and receive the rendered Pixel :slight_smile:

Just connect a second PC with extra GPUs on a network, pretty much the same!
Better still, put two or more GPUs on the same machine, then the PCIe bus would act as the fastest network there is!